Lobón Leal is an illustrator and concept artist from the southern city of Cádiz. His love for the natural environment and the richness of the sea are his main sources of inspiration, which he translates into dream-like, humanized animal characters.

His work is rooted in the manga culture and the Studio Ghibli philosophy, where the natural world is at the centre. His meticulous craftsmanship has gained him over 40K followers on Instagram, where he shows his working process to his fans. Lobón´s art is regularly exhibited in Madrid (Young talents of short story 59th Edition, Coca-Cola, Museo ABC) and has been featured in internationally renowned magazines such as Character Design Challenge (2020) and Graphite Magazine 08 (2018).

He combines his work as an artist with his facet as a teacher, instructing students in digital art since 2016.

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