Francisco Lobón Leal (Cádiz, 1987), has been teaching digital illustration since 2016 at the Superior School of Professional Drawing (ESDIP). In 2019 he also joined the Guiken School to
teach the subject of “character design”.

Francisco has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (2006/11) and a Master in Graphic Creation from ESDIP, Madrid (2011/14).

After finishing his training in 2014, he dedicated himself to developing his personal projects, participating in comic contests and fairs. His work has been acknowledged in different competitions, in Astilleros (2019), Portugalete (2018), Marbella (2017), Málaga (2017 ),
Cornellà (2016), Portugalete (2016), Dos Hermanas (2015) or Seville (2014).

Among his latest publications, it is worth mentioning Character Design Challenge (2020), Young talents of short story 59th Edition, Coca-Cola, Museo ABC (2019) or Graphite Magazine
08 (2018).

Enjoy his work and If you are interested in work with him, please contact us.

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